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In the spring and summer of this year, Toms with insistence on creative and love, and Keith haring Foundation jointly launched the Toms x Keith haring series of commemorative edition shoes strong incoming; at the same time introduced new shoes “Lenox”, inspired by the American cowboy. Pioneer pioneer series

Continuation of the spring and summer fashion, Toms outlet launched the latest fall and winter series of shoes, new shoes, “Lenox”, inspired by the western United states. Blue, white, brown collocation, low-key and meticulous design without interpretation of modern minimalist style.

X Keith Haring TOMS series

This year’s spring and summer, toms shoes on sale with the insistence of creativity and love, and the Haring Keith Foundation jointly launched the X Keith Haring TOMS series commemorative edition shoes hit a strong! Haring Keith has been hailed as the king of graffiti in New York. printed

Guicai classic graffiti print “over” in TOMS shoes, the pop art style which is not of the truth!?

Toms shoes design inspiration in Spain’s traditional handmade shoes “Alpargat”, but Toms to enhance comfort and fashion elements ingeniously integration of them now cheap toms shoes is the darling of the current brand casual shoes, street snap spike countless film. Hollywood is the heart of many big stars.

Although the canvas shoes has been his home, high-quality products, Toms is the latest of the season new is for children design a series of boots, the material by reinforced rubber upper match vulcanized rubber soles, impervious and flexible, durable, soaking rain is not easy to deformation, boots tail with elastic ring, is convenient for children to wear off, is adopted for the design of consistent colorful, let the baby rainy days can become a fashion baby.
With the arrival of the rainy season, canvas shoes gradually fade out of the streets and lanes, dustproof, waterproof, good care characteristics of glial boots, more and more recognized by the market, even converse’s canvas shoes represent as Chuck Taylor All Star also in this season introduced glial shoes “rubber innovation” series, Toms Shoes Outlet it is no wonder that follow the trend of Toms hesitation.

Now official website is for sale, the homecoming season to the baby to boots. This is a good choice, but new products on the market are often more expensive, the children’s section $39, young models priced at $49, want to buy can stamp here. Of course, toms on sale the official website also often discount activities, do not worry can wait and then start. Official website orders over $25 may exempt freight in the United States, in the official website of the Toms support card and transport, according to feedback from users, using AE credit card, the billing address with real address, buy no obstacles.

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Toms expects the U.S. force local market never idle

toms shoes1

Cheap Toms Shoes Outlet Before the foreign media released a research report showed that light luxury market will become the future growth potential huge market, from light luxury brand earnings also illustrates the it. Recently, the United States light luxury fashion brand Toms announced a plan.

It is reported that the recent growth unabated Toms Shoes Outlet will be in this month opened stores in sixth among the local market, address was selected in the Colorado Glendale.

In addition, the new large stores will be opened in this summer, the address selected in California, as the second brands of the whole store opened. Toms Mens Shoes Although the specific opening time is not announced, but the brand side said, will be in the ten anniversary of the establishment of the brand during the opening, as a souvenir of the establishment of the brand.

Not only that, the brand will be in this fall, the fashion sports shoes market advance, more shoes will be on sale in June 27th.

Brand was first established on the belief, each sold a pair of shoes will be for the poor children in Africa sent a pair of shoes has not changed, ending in 2016, brand for the African refugee children sent more than 50 million pairs of shoes, 36 million pairs of glasses and provides a huge number of drinking water.

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Milan design week may not be as much as the fashion week to allow more media exposure, but its design innovation as much as any event. Recently, Nike also took the experimental shoes to attend, very amazing.

It is reported that the theme of the exhibition of the Nike for the natural rhythm of the. Therefore, in flyknit woven upper based, designers of materials were re conception, from wavy hair, the cat’s whisker, champagne package objects and so on inspiration, the concept of the effect to show the possibility of future shoes. And this series of experimental product design, the same without losing the sense of beauty.

However, in the shoe, closer to the traditional classic shoe design, most of the.

The Milan design week, toms shoes on sale exhibiting the big luxury, such as Dior, Burberry, LV and so, though and not hit, but through the many strategies to achieve the purpose to attract people’s, its experimental exhibition is not better than the main exhibitors brands. Interested in small partners can go to understand.

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